Metsä Group's side streams used as a material in Woodio's design washbasins

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In 2019, Metsä Group’s innovation company and venture capital arm, Metsä Spring invested in the start-up company Woodio, which manufactures wood composite products such as washbasins for bathrooms and kitchens. In May 2020, Woodio launched a new ecological wood-based material, Natural Birch. The material is used in bathroom design products, and it is made of Metsä Board’s side-stream wood chips from chemi-thermomechanical (BCTMP) production.

Before the wood chips end up as a bathroom design product, it goes through a screening process where it becomes homogeneous and suitable for Woodio's production.

“The upscaling of Woodio’s production requires finding an industrial source of raw material. The new raw material that has now been launched is a clear milestone on our upscaling journey, and it is great to see a side stream of Metsä Group’s production used so beautifully. At the same time, the environmental footprint of the product will further decrease,” says Niklas von Weymarn, CEO of Metsä Spring and Board Member of Woodio.

Woodio has an almost carbon-neutral production method which reduces carbon dioxide emissions compared to many other materials. The material is completely waterproof, impact resistant and environmentally friendly. The Woodio washbasin can also be utilized as energy waste.

All Woodio products are manufactured in Finland at the company’s own mill with an almost carbon-neutral production process. Using mainly bio-based raw materials and developing a cast molding technology that does not require water or energy intensive phases has allowed the company to bring down its products’ carbon footprint considerably lower than the industry traditionally has. ‘’

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