Our sustainability objectives

Metsä Group renewed its strategic, group-wide sustainability objectives in the spring of 2019. The objectives, which extend up to 2030, cover all Metsä's operations and are also reflected in the supply chain. They pave the way for a climate neutral society and a more sustainable future. These are the key measures adopted by in Metsä Forest to achieve Metsä's sustainability objectives. 

Objective: To increase the amount of carbon stored in forests and products 

  • We increase the amount of forest cultivation and young stand management so that trees grow better and become sturdier. Read more here.

 Objective: To safeguard the biodiversity of forest nature 

  • We increase the amount of decaying wood in forests by creating high biodiversity stumps during thinning and leaving retention trees in regeneration sites. Read more about high biodiversity stumps here, retention trees here, and forest owners’ biodiversity actions here 
  • We improve water protection related to forestry work. Read more here. 
  • We cooperate with research institutions to develop our operating methods, especially in the fields of biodiversity and water protection. 

Of Metsä Group’s business areas, Metsä Forest has special responsibility for increasing the carbon sinks of forests and safeguarding the biodiversity of forest nature. To achieve these objectives, we follow our Ecological Sustainability Programme, which is described in greater detail here. 

Objective: Fossil-free mills

  • We supply renewable forest energy to production units.

Objective: Resource-efficient production

  • We cut down trees in the forest to ensure the highest added value.
  • We ensure that the chips, bark and sawdust from our production units are delivered for further processing.

Objective: Fossil-free raw materials 

  • We procure all the wood used by Metsä Group’s production units. Read more here.

Objective: Sustainable supply chain 

  • The wood we use is fully traceable. Read more here.
  • We know our contract entrepreneurs and engage in long-term cooperation with them. 
  • We optimise our logistics throughout the Baltic Sea region.

Objective: Responsible corporate culture 

  • Metsä, our contract entrepreneurs and our partners are committed to Metsä Group’s Code of Conduct. 
  • Our personnel assess our operations through our ethics barometer and surveys studying the activities of the workplace community, and by participating in the development of operations. 

 Objective: An accident free work environment 

  • We monitor the number of accidents involving our own personnel and our contract entrepreneurs, investigate the accidents and develop our operations accordingly.