Our sawn timber services

We offer a wide range of expert services to our customers to support them in their process and business operations. Our sawn timber services cover technical customer support as well as supply chain, sustainability and development services.

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Timber Performance Analysis with Timber Fox Quality Index

Different raw materials are needed for different purposes. Factors important to a customer may include, for example, the length or density of annual growth and the heartwood content of the product.

The Timber Performance Analysis service finds the products that best meet the customer’s needs and, if necessary, the raw material for the products in question. The analysis begins with determining the desired qualities and the required sawing patterns. Then our experts examine the availability and cost of the raw material, as well as the desired product's suitability for the sawmills’ products.

A Timber Performance Analysis is always conducted in close collaboration with the customer, and the suitability of the products for the customer’s process is ensured. The service model also includes detailed control and co-ordination of deliveries. In addition, the supply of wood raw material can be controlled in accordance with the customer’s needs.

Our sawmills use the Timber FOX index to assess the consistency of the quality of their products. The quality index gives customers more comprehensive information about the characteristics of sawn timber, and they can use this information in their business operations. This improves quality of the information available to customers about the product, as well as the transparency of the overall process.

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Timber Marketplace online store

Timber Marketplace is our online store for sawn timber. It covers a wide selection of sawn timber, and ordering the products is quick and easy: you see an up-to-date list of available sawn timber grades and can place the order right away.

If you are interested in using Timber Marketplace, please contact your Metsä Fibre Account Manager.

Delivery tracking with Track & Trace online service

We also help our customers with transport monitoring and stock management. Through the Track & Trace online service, customers can monitor the status and location of their order reliably in real time during delivery. The service provides an estimated time of delivery for the order. All relevant documents related to the order are also available as part of the service. Through the service, the customer knows the exact de-livery times and can ensure an uninterrupted production process and availability of raw materials.

3.3.5.Hero-Felled-logs-in-forest.jpgSustainability services for timber customers

Certification assistance

We help you attain certification for your end products by compiling all relevant data and helping with the procedures. All Metsä Fibre products meet existing standards in terms of safety, sustainability and environmental performance, which means that we can provide all possible certifications for your Metsä Fibre raw materials.

Exploring forest in Metsä Day

Metsä Day Forest Visits offers customers support for their work to promote sustainable development. A Metsä Day visit is an illustrative way to obtain information about Finnish forests and the origin of raw materials for sawn timber. During a one- or two-day on-site visit, the participants will learn about sustainable forest management, tracking the origin of wood, various harvesting patterns, and forest regeneration. The programme for each Metsä Day visit is designed to meet the participants’ needs, and the visits are hosted by our experts. In addition to learning about forest management, the participants will visit a Metsä Fibre sawmill to see sawn timber production in practice.

3.3.5.Hero-Vilppula-sawmill-sawn-timber-conveyor.jpgDevelopment services for timber customers

Tailor made sawn timber and sustainability education

Metsä Fibre provides support and services to help you get the most out of your Metsä sawn timber. We offer comprehensive training and materials to help you optimise your production processes and end product attributes in terms of raw materials. The better we understand the requirements you have for your end product, the more efficiently we can work with you to help you achieve your goals. The e-learning materials are available for our customers at Metsä Learning Hub.

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