Side streams and waste

Our goal is to make use of all production side streams so that no landfill waste will be generated in our processes after 2030.

Production side streams consist of by-products and process waste. By-products include, for example, the most nutrient-rich ash that is sold for fertilising, and lime fractions that can be burnt to calcium oxide and used in other industries.

In addition to by-products and process waste, our operations generate hazardous waste, municipal waste and construction waste.

The majority of the side streams and waste generated by our operations can be utilised as by-products, for other material use and for energy generation. Only a small proportion is delivered to landfill or treated as hazardous waste.

Utilisation of side streams and waste in our mills in 2021Waste-and-by-products-2021.jpg

We continuously improve recovery processes to avoid waste in pulp and paperboard production. By increasing the recycling of process water, for example, we can reduce fibre material losses. We are also looking for new ways to reuse residues, and we use organic fractions for energy generation. Paperboard, wood, plastic and glass are recycled, and fibre sludge and ash are used as materials in earthworks. Our greatest challenge is finding applications for the green liquor dregs generated in the pulp production process, and we are currently investigating potential solutions.